Snap Areas for Multi-Monitor Setup Broken in Mac OS Sonoma 14.0

After updating to MacOS Sonoma 14.0, I lost all my snap areas. I have a dual monitor setup with my snap areas. When I create a new snap area on my secondary monitor, snapping to this area now snaps the window to my primary monitor. There is no way to snap to the designated area on secondary monitor.

Type of Mac: iMac Pro 2017
BTT Version: v4.308

Did you maybe have the focused window on your primary monitor when creating the new snap area? Or did BTT highlight the focused window on the secondary monitor?
In general Snap Areas still work fine with multi monitor setups (using it myself). Could be something specific to your display config though.

When I have focus on the second monitor, a red window is created on my primary monitor. When I create the new snap area, a blue bubble for the snap area is created on my second monitor but my primary monitor continues to have the entire screen in red. After I save the snap area on the second monitor, snapping to it it places the window on the primary monitor.

You need to have a window focused on your secondary screen, so it can be the template for your new snap area. If the focused window is on your primary screen, that will be used as the template for the designated snapping target.

Right, the focus is on my primary screen which I imagine why the snap are is created on the secondary monitor instead of the first? I’ve been using this feature for a while and haven’t seen this issue in the past. Would a video help?

Yes - that would help, maybe I'm not understanding the issue correctly.
Have you tried moving the active window to the monitor where you want the snapping to happen?

I see the issue now. I have a lot of icons in my top task bar so the BTT icon is being hidden as it's losing out to the menu for the focused window (in this case my IDE). What I was doing was showing the desktop so that Finder would be in focus but since all windows are out of focus, it looks like it chose the primary window. To resolve, I simply moved the BTT icon in the toolbar further to the right so that it would be displayed when my window was in focus.

Thanks for the quick replies & unblocking me!!!