Snap Areas by Percentage of Screen


I did some searching and couldn't find anything on this, but would it be possible to set up a snap area or in better touch tool to make a command that will resize a window to a specific percentage of the screen?

For example we could have inputs that say make window width 25%, height be 100% and starting positions x and y be 25% and 0% respectively.

Is this something we can do?


you can use the "custom move /resize" action for that.

If you give a concrete example I can post a screenshot of the correct config.


Thanks for the quick response. After investigating further I realized I have an older version of BTT. I bought a license back in 2016. Buying a new license now!

Thanks to you and anyone else who has contributed for making this awesome tool!

For anyone who is looking to do something like what I am wanting here is a helpful post: