Snap areas and screen sharing

Hi. Is it possible to activate a snap area on a computer that you are screen sharing to? Both computers are running OS X 10.11.6 and BTT 2.427.


Hi Paul,

that probably depends on the screen sharing software. If it produces "normal" mouse events, the snap areas should show up fine. However most of these screensharing apps probably don't do that and won't work with snap areas.

You could try to trigger them using keyboard shortcuts though.

I’m using the Screen Sharing built into the OSX Finder, and it doesn’t activate with that via mouse nor keyboard shortcuts. Would some sort of script be able to trigger it, like OSX’s ScriptEditor, or Automator?

Can snap areas only be triggered via WiFi? The situation is that I have two computers in a machine room connected via ethernet, with my studio in a separate room. The mouse and keyboard are connected to the main computer via USB, so of course that works fine. But I'd like to be able to trigger snap areas on the 2nd computer without running a 2nd keyboard or mouse via usb.