Snap Area Bug with Menu Bar

On an iMac 24" (Retina display) with Sonoma 14.2.1 I'm trying to create a window size of 1920x1080 that INCLUDES the menu bar to create a video demonstration of my use of an application (Apple Motion). I am using Camtasia 2022 with a preset window size of 1920x1080, outlined in green, that includes the menu bar.

When creating a 1920x1080 snap area with Better Touch (4.427) I use 1920x1080 raised up by Y of 180 that is coincident with the Camtasia area. But when I drag the window to the target area and BTT does its thing the window size is correct but is lowered by the height of the menu bar and the entire window is not captured with BTT on the bottom. The BTT preview DOES include the menu bar but the result does not match the preview. The screenshot depicts the end result.

Am I missing something? Thanks.