Small Window Switcher bug

After today's update 4.049 (2267), the window switcher doesn't cycle back to the first item after coming to the bottom of the list.

It hits the last window item and then just re-selects it instead of jumping back to the top of the list.

(for "On Repeated Trigger" behavior)

Should be fixed now!

Thanks for that quick fix.

It has one little UI thing that feel a little wonky. Nothing that stops basic functionality, it's just a visual polish/ focus indicator thing.

When I cycle the list, it highlights everything in order A B C D smooth and nice. When I hit one click after D it goes to the search bar but it still highlights the D item in grey.

Definitely not a big issue, but it did confuse me about where the focus was. If doesn't highlight the search bar when you are in that field, but it changes the colour of the highlight of the bottom item and keeps it highlighted. It would probably feel more natural if it highlighted the search bar and the bottom item highlight disappeared.

Above all, thanks for your work, it helps me every day.