Slowing down the script?

I have a script that doesn't work as expected. Simple script with:

  • move mouse to position_1
  • scroll (on a webpage menu is that matters)
  • move mouse to position_2
  • click

The issue is that the click doesn't happen at the right mouse position. Maybe the scroll part goes too fast for my computer? I noticed that if I remove the last "click", the mouse position is different than with the "click" action.

Can I slow down the script? I tried adding a 1 sec delay (before the scroll, after the scroll and both), but it doesn't seem to work. The delay function doesn't seem to work as intended.

(I'm on a Macbook Pro retina, 13", late 2013)

And that's why this kind of script:

is a complete waste of time.

If you describe what you're actually wanting to do, someone may be able to tell you how to do it properly.

Yes, everything matters. Knowing it's a webpage you're interacting with tells me we'll be thinking in JavaScript, and the move-scroll-move bits aren't needed, and the click is will most likely either be with the intention of triggering a hyperlink to load a new URL, or calling a JS function.

Is there really no way to slow down a script? This way I can use what I already have.

The delay function doesn't seem to work, this person had the same issue:

Is it a known bug?