slowing down on the part of gesture management

Hi all,

when I use the gestures it works well but it is not smooth and it jerks

System : macOS Big Sur 11.5
Model : MacBook Pro M1
Version GoldenChaos : 3.392


I'm also having this issue and wanted to post here to show that this is a problem. 2-finger volume and 3-finger brightness appear to be severely lagging.

System: MacOS Big Sur 11.5
Model: MacBook Pro 13-in, 2018
Version: Golden Chaos 3.570 (1710)

Hi Orbital,

Thanks for this return. we will wait for a new version. This should be fixed. Finally, I hope

Unfortunately this is a bug in macOS 11.5 related to brightness / volume keys. They also lag on normal keyboards.

I assume this will be fixed with the next macOS update.


for information with the last version of macOS out yesterday > 11.5.2 everything works without slowing down :slight_smile:

Nice :+1:

Still seeing this issue on 11.5.2 :frowning:


at home it works perfectly

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