slider for use with video (specifically, IINA) that works with BTT remote?

I apologize if this is answered somewhere...I wasn't quite sure what to search for, and I'm new to BTT and BTT remote etc

I would really appreciate any pointers!

Edit: and because I figured it might not be clear what kind of slider...ideally one that shows where I am in the video, and lets me jump around. don't need anything fancier than what the iphone already provides, just not sure how to get the two connected

You can add BTT triggers under the BTT Remote section of the Mac app, and those show up in the phone app as well. But afaik the slider thing isn't possible. You could create various triggers that execute Iina's hotkeys, like I have two that just press ⇧Z or ⇧X in Iina, to move the subtitle delay forwards/backwards.

But you can control Iina already pretty well via the phone app: Pressing the play/pause button (the default buttons in the BTT Remote app UI) works great, I think it mimics the play/pause button on a MacBook keyboard. Also pressing the arrows repeatedly will seek in 10 sec increments. If you wanna seek even faster you scroll sideways with 2 fingers while Iina is in the foreground.