Sketch - Pan using middle mouse button

Is there a way to have BTT simulate holding down a key other than a modifier key (ctrl, opt, shift)?

I would like the middle mouse button to pan in Sketch - seems like to do that I need BTT to "hold" the spacebar when I click the middle mouse button.

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Resurrecting instead of posting a duplicate. I'm trying to do the exact same thing with Photoshop. I've tried to chain a few different actions without success so far.

Update: Success! As soon as I replied I realized what I needed to do. I'll add detail later, but summary is:

First Group:

Trigger = Middle Mouse → Trigger on Mouse Down
Actions = 'Space' (send key down only) → 'Start Mouse Drag'

Second Group:

Trigger = Middle Mouse → Trigger on Mouse Up
Actions = 'Stop Mouse Drag' → 'Space' (send key up only)

Works like a charm


Could anyone chime in if they've found a solution? I tried @Neberheim's approach, as well as variations of it, and it doesn't seem to work anymore (macOS Venture on M1, Sketch 94.1)

This is what worked for me in SketchUp: