Size of menus and items: Width and height questions

I can define a min width and a min height for hovered and not hovered floating menus (top level).
It says min, so I guess these dimensions can grow if the content requires it.
But all my floating menus have a static size.
Are these width and height dimensions static or variable?

In the standard item inside the menu, there are min and max width and min and max height.
I guess the item should increase the width/height if required, but again I see they are always static.
The size shown is always the max size.

Example: I have a standard button that updates the text with the name of the front app.
When front app is "Finder" should the item be shown in min width, and when the front app is "Ableton Live 11 Standard" should it be shown in max width?


menu items do not change their size based on the content, they do however adapt to menu size changes if necessary.

Changing based on content is complicated, maybe this will be possible in the future. One thing I’ll allow soon is to set a minimum font size, so the text will shrink if necessary

ok, good

And the min size of the container? Is it a fixed value or it can grow in some cases?

You can drag the menu corners to make it bigger

ok, perfect, understood!

Thanks, Andreas, for clarifying this. I had the same question.
Now that I've played with it, do I understand that min/max width is only applicable when Layout/Scroll Direction is Vertical and that min/max height is only applicable when Layout/Scroll direction is Horizontal? Additionally, when in Vertical, height appears to be fixed to min height, and when in Horizontal, width is fixed to min width.
Is this behavior determined by CSS? If so, what is the CSS? This would really help to understand better.

no, it’s native swift ui with a custom layout algorithm. Unfortunately SwiftUI doesn’t make this stuff as easy as it would be with CSS ;-( (but lots of other advantages with being native)

What you described is correct, although I want to make this more flexible in the future