SiriMote no longer connects to the Mac

Hi everyone,

I've been using a SiriMote with my MacMini for almost a year now, but the other day the remote ran out of battery and since I charged it again... It has completely stopped working with this mac. The remote works just fine with the Apple TV, so I was 100% sure it was a problem in the Mac... But I've not only reset the Bluetooth module all together, but actually recovered a full backup before this error popped up, and lastly, did a fresh install of MacOs Sierra (my MacMini is from 2011) and it behaves exactly the same: Remote is paired successfully with the mac, but after 5 seconds it disconnects, and once this happens it never connects again... Only if I unpair it and start it all over, always with the same outcome.


Have anyone faced a similar experience? Anything you can recommend?

Thanks in advance if you can provide any help!