Siri Remote not working

Was wondering if anyone could help me out (tried to google & forum search):

I was trying to connect my apple tv 4k remote to my mac:
– Power down apple TV & unplug
– Managedto pair with my mac
– Status: Successful
– No response / No HUD notification upon pressing the button or trackpad
– Tried on my other machine, but too not successful

BTT 2.513 / MBP11,2 / Sierra 10.12.6 / Apple 4K remote

How does your siri remote config in BetterTouchTool look like?

Tired with custom triggers:

1st attempt:
Button Menu: ←
Button TV screen: →
Button Menu (Press & Hold): Toggle siri remote mouse control mode on/off

2nd attempt:
Button Menu: Left mouse click

3rd attempt:
Added example configuration

All settings are added for Application:Global.