Siri remote keyrepeat please

I saw the floating windows this, and have heard a ton about this app, so if it can do something that freaking sophisticated, then it could certainly do repeat keys that other apps can. So, I bought the full license, but it seems it's a step back from Remote Buddy Remote Buddy - control your Mac with remotes, iPhone, iPad, Siri Remote and Apple TV that I was trialing.

In effect, when I'm walking a show, I don't want to click "next" (which simulates right arrow key press) a billion times, but rather keep it held to quickly go forward. That way, I can scan through all the frames without just jumping ahead far at a time.

I've done a ton of research, but this seems like it can't be done with BetterTouch Tool? I use the new Siri remote.

Any workarounds? I don't mind coding a bit to make it work. Thank you!