Siri Remote 2: select button on click wheel missing

Currently on ver3.570, the "select button" on the click wheel is missing from the buttons list. This is making clicking on a mouse mode difficult.
Also, the 4 directional buttons on the click wheel is not working with how I set it up while in the mouse mode.
I understand this remote is quite new, and am happy to wait patiently for the features to improve over time. I am happy to help with testing or feature suggestions on the Siri Remote 2, to speed things up. TIA.

the mouse mode is strictly defined:

  • clicks need to be done using taps on the remote trackpad

  • the directional buttons are used for scrolling while in mouse mode

Using a click on the trackpad area does not work well because while clicking the mouse cursor is moved significantly, thus BTT'S mouse moxe uses tap to click.

Thanks for the reply.
However, tapping to select doesn't provide a very good user experience. Clicking to select, as how it's intended on an Apple TV, provides a much better user experience. Remote Buddy also implements this way, to use the click to select. Perhaps a buffer zone at the center of the click wheel can prevent the mouse pointer moving around while selecting.

Ideally, all the settings can be opened up in BTT for users to determine how he or she wants to customise the remote, and some novel ways may even be discovered. Even the click directional buttons can be defined for other purposes, while in mouse mode.

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