Single tap to drag

Hi :slight_smile: I just bought a magic mouse and I want to use tapping instead of clicking because the mouse clicks are very loud. I've enabled single tap to left and right click and they work just fine. But I'd like to be able to tap and hold my finger.

I know double tap to drag exists, but this really makes things alot less fluid.

I make music in Bitwig Studio and constantly need to click and drag knobs, clips and notes. Having to double tap every time is a pain and clicking down the mouse is too loud for me (I have autism, so the click noise gives me sensory issues).

Is there a way to simply tap my finger and hold it down and drag? Even some sort of work around if single-tap to drag isn't a feature?

Thank you

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Currently there is no way to achieve this with BetterTouchTool, I'll check whether it's feasible to add.

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thanks alot. I've seen quite a few people wanting to use tap to click instead of clicking the mouse cos of the noise. it makes sense if some of us are doing that, that it should work like a normal left click and be able to be held for dragging. I feel if there is a double tap to drag, there should be a single tap to drag option as well. but of course i'm biased to why I feel its feasible :slight_smile:

thanks alot

just touching is unfortunately much more complicated and I‘m not sure whether it will work well. A drag always requires a click first, thus long touching the mouse would always produce a click - to make this not prone to constant accidental triggering is something I‘m not sure is possible

I'm a bit confused as to why that would be an issue? Yes a drag always requires a click, why would I ever want to drag without a click? It SHOULD have a click first?

because you can’t really hold the magic mouse without touching it slightly :wink: Do you always keep your fingers away from the magic mouse surface when you move the cursor?

(have a look at btt’s live view to see how sensitive the surface is)

yes I do. always. i never accidentally touch it. since i'm using tap to click, this is how I've been holding my magic mouse and i've not once accidentally touched it :slight_smile: In my opinion, this is a feature people choose as an option, so it would be useful for those like me who choose to use it this way :slight_smile:

in fact even on my normal mouse, I have my fingers lifted. maybe its cos im left handed and use my index finger to switch between left and right click, but for me, its natural that i just hold my fingers above the mouse

i also feel that since the magic mouse has scrolling, i normally wouldn't want to keep my fingers on the mouse just incase i scroll. so it feels natural to me to have my fingers elevated and only touch when i need to click, drag, or scroll :slight_smile:

ok :wink:

It most likely won’t come very soon due to the complexity of single touch gestures, but i’ll try to add it. One thing I could add quickly is to allow dragging with the two finger touch top gesture, which currently already supports window moving.

thanks so much. 2 finger drag would be good. but note that im not using it to just to drag and move windows. so the window move action isn't whats needed. it needs to be like a normal left click drag, so i can drag things in Bitwig Studio or even just to drag files around in finder etc.

yep I understand that! Will endnote this with one of the next alpha versions

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yeah i thought that was the case but just wanted to be safe, don't want you to spend your precious time on the wrong thing!

speaking of which, I actually need to use my magic mouse for this other thread I posted Personal solution needed for magic mouse (3 finger drag? Scroll to emulate mouse drag?)

if I can't get the above thread to work, I might sell my magic mouse as I got it specifically for that purpose.

I don't want you spending time on this for me if I'm gonna be selling my mouse. so please do check that thread if you have the time and let me know if it is possible :slight_smile:

thank you soo much for your time <3

@Andreas_Hegenberg I sold my magic mouse, so please don't worry about implementing this unless other users request the feature. same goes for my other post which I've edited now to mention the same thing. Thank you so much for your time. Will continue using BTT for my normal mouse, trackpad and keyboard. thanks so much

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