Single key to do 2 actions

Trying to work out the best way to get 1 key to reliably trigger 2 actions without a modifier so double press, long press, etc. Spent a LONG time trying to get it right but can never get it to work reliably at all, it's very flakey. Just wondering what everyone's workflow is and how they handle this.

For now I've mapped CMD + the key but I'd like to achieve 2 actions using the same key.

Single key triggers with frequently used letters lead to problems when writing. I would advise against this.

However, if you do this with keys that are not (or rarely) typed in quick succession, then short/long press works very well. For example, with the F keys or the number keys.

do you really want to use the key alone, or are you just looking for a way to trigger different things with one key combination (cmd+key)?

Ideally at the same key using some of the function keys, § and smart keys on my Logi MX keys.

I just played about for ages with single top long top press et cetera, but found it really tricky to get right.

For now I’ve added CMD + the key while I ask the question, thanks for the help.

Yes I was trying but spent hours and they were all too temperamental / finicky to use :melting_face:

The default procedure for short/long press is explained here. The exact setting is of course a matter of opinion and can be customized.

Thanks again for the response, I’ll check this out later when on Mac.

I was trying to achieve this using key sequences instead which is a separate setup type. They did work, just not reliably like I said in the previous post.

Didn’t realise that you can use both to achieve the same thing.

Amazing, all sorted now, although I tweaked the values to 0.5s and 0.51 seconds as the hold time was too long.

This may be getting too advanced now but can you set it to dismiss the key down trigger.

I have them mapped to Raycast clipboard manager and notion search.

Notion search is key up, I can hit the § to open and close on a key up but the Raycast search when pressing the § again obviously opens the Notion search.

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