Single Finger Tap-to-Click

I love using tap-to-click, but I absolutely hate how bit the new touchbar MBP trackpads are! Way too often, I'll be typing and all of sudden my cursor jumps somewhere new, and my draft gets all screwed up! This is because, like many users of the newer MBP, I frequently "palm-click" by mistake (despite Apple's claim to have reduced this).

Because of this, I want to use BTTs "temporarily disable trackpad after typing" feature. Specifically, the gesture that I need to disable is the tap-to-click. However, BTT doesn't offer a "single-tap anywhere" trigger to replace the system's built in "tap-to-click" option. There is "single tap left", single tap top", etc. But I can't find a normal "single finger tap anywhere" option, much to my disappointed.

Could this be implemented, so that I can forever give up on Apple's built in gestures?