Since update to v3.207 after hitting cmd to open my dock widget not return to default app setting


Since I just updated to version 3.207 whenever I hit my cmd key which triggers the dock widget, my touchbar won't go back to the default touchbar after releasing the cmd-key.

It will always go to the BTT touchbar, but in some apps I prefer the apple touchbar.
I need to switch to another app and then back to get to the defined default touchbar for that app.

Has anyone an idea how to fix this?

Kind regards,
P.s. I work on a MBP 15inch from 2019 with Mac OS catalina. But this only happened after updating BTT.

This also happens after using the two-finger swipe programmed in BTT to change the volume.

After using that, it also goes automatically to the BTT touchbar.

Could you please change this back to the previous version?

I don't think there has been a change to this behavior.

You may just need to hide your Touch Bar and enable this option:

The problem seems to be solved. Thanks a lot for your quick reply!