Since Update to 2.4 my presets dont exist enymore

Hi there,
i've been using BTT since forever and now updated from 1.7 to 2.4 and the result ist, that my presets are gone. that is, some of them are still working, some dont but i cannot see anyone of them. as if there is nothing. Also i get a message, that the version of BTT is not compatible with the version of gestures. that cant be serious. why do i back up my gestures if they are not supported any longer?
anyone having an idea how to fix this?
thanks a million

Unfortunately both of these versions are really old, it's hard to tell what went wrong.
Was there a reason you specifically upgraded to 2.4?

You could send the ~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool folder to, then I can check what's wrong / how to recover the old data.

Hey Andreas, thanks for your reply!

Honestly, no reason, only because I got update information again and again, so I thought i should probably do it finally...

i've send you the folder, looks like a mess to me

thanks a million for helping me out, i love BTT and feel a bit lost without :frowning:

any one else having an idea? I'm just not able to fix it...