Simulate horizontal scroll

Hi there,
Is there a way to simulate the horizontal scroll from magic mouse in a normal mouse? I tried to create a normal mouse trigger but there isn't scroll horizontal action

You could just press shift while normal scrolling, you wouldn't need BTT for that. Does this help?

Thanks for your reply but this doesn’t work in calendar for example.

It works in all apps that support horizontal scrolling, if the app doesn't have horizontal scrolling it will not work and there is no way to get around that.

That's what I'm saying. It works using magic mouse for example

Ah in this case Apple is probably explicitly only allowing touch devices to scroll the view ;-(
Unfortunately this most likely can not be changed, but I'll have a look.

Thank you for your help! Much appreciated. Cheers

His is a very old post and I do not have a solution for every app. However.. in Apple Calendar swiping left or right is synonymous with ⌘+ arrow left or right. So you could maybe use this as a workaround for a trigger... I used this send keyboard shortcut trigger for extra buttons on my mouse for example.

Mighty mouse horizontal scroll isn't some "buy apple adapter" BS. The mouse has an actual miniature trackball. It functions just like any other trackball device. Horizontal scrolling is awesome. It's especially useful when you are working with graphics. Could not live work without it in Excel or Google Sheets either.

Until now I've been trying to stick with my two ancient mighty mouses and give the trackball a cleanse every now and then when it gets too dirty and starts to misbehave. Recently I've started to suffer from really bad wrist strain and I've simply had to give up using normal mouse. At the moment using Evoluent VerticalMouse 4. One later model of theirs have the horizontal scrolling option. See Evoluent horizontal scroll for Excel - YouTube

I really don't understand why any other manufacturer hasn't implemented something similar to Mighty Mouse trackball. Maybe it's patented. Some workaround for this would be super nice to have.