Simplifying Named Triggers/Variables Further....

Hi, I have an AppleScript (originally was an app, but that posed inconsistencies with it working) that does a REALLY silly workaround to get a currently playing track (if its a URL Track (not in my library)- it adds it), then adds it to a playlist (Tag) &/or rate it.

This is how I have it setup:

I mostly will be using this in the notch bar, but also keyboard shortcuts.

Everything works perfectly (thanks for this incredible app btw!!!), but it is a pain when setting up new triggers (mouse, keyboard, stream deck, etc...). Plus I see myself needing to do similar triggers/buttons frequently in the future. I'd like to save time lol.

Since the only thing that needs to change is the value inside the "Assign Value to Variable", is there an easier way to do this? for example...
lets say I called all of the named triggers by their Playlist name ONLY ("Happy", "Chill", etc...)
is there a way to pull this name and assign it to the variable so I only need to update the name of the named trigger??

I recently noticed this support article which leads me to believe it is possible somehow... AppleScripts and BTT

I need to dive deeper, because if BTT was not already a lot to take in, that just changed exponentially. However, I want to make sure this would be a workaround before spending too much time on it...

Side note: will the link I provided and those scripting interfaces listed allow me to dynamically change my notch bar trigger actions? For example, id like a container to hold separate buttons for playlists (Tags) the song is already in, then when I click it, it removes from the playlist, then refreshes the buttons- updating to reflect the removed playlist not appearing in the container. would this be possible too?

Sorry for the question dump...Thanks in advance!!