Simple Rotate Left/Right not working in Notion

Running BTT 4.517 on MacOS 14.4.1 and experiencing a pretty simple error that I'm curious if can be replicated on other setups:

I use Rotate Left/Right to switch between tabs on all of my tabby-apps (Chrome, VSCode, Finder...) but it isn't working on Notion, unless I attach a modifier key to it. Other non-rotate triggers work fine (e.g. 4 finger tap). Is this a known issue with Notion?

are you sure the assigned keyboard shortcut is what you want? If it works everywhere else the gesture itself should also trigger fine for notion, but maybe it’s not the gesture that fails but the assigned action

Yes, it's the right shortcut. If I add a modifier key, like shift, and change nothing else it works perfectly as expected.

do you maybe have a conditional activation group set up that overrides the rotate gestures? (Maybe check in the „last used“ section in BTT whether it shows up when you try to trigger it in Notion.)

Wow...I am :man_facepalming: right now. I deleted the triggers and re-created them and they're working fine now. Amateur move...apologies for taking your time!