Sidecar with easy setup

Hello together! So, based on @mikelxc great Sidecar Toggle I made one with an easy setup.
Hold it to enter the name of your iPad and you're free to go, nothing needs to be changed in the code itself.
No design changes.

Holding the button brings up the Setup window.

:arrow_down: Download the Widget
:arrow_down: Download the Setup Trigger


@Caliguvara @mikelxc

Whoa how did this slip past me...

I've been looking to include exactly this for the users of my AquaTouch Preset, would you mind if I intergrated this into it?

Credits in the code, changelog, and thankyou on the preset page!

It'll be a big help especially since I don't have an iPad i can test this with to code it myself

I made some design changes since this version, tell me what you prefer :man_shrugging:t4:

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Naturally! Iā€™m a huge fan of your aquatouch

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It seems like the preset isn't working (returns "cannot find any iPads to connect to" error message). This is despite me connecting to the iPad using Sidecar numerous times. Any ideas why? Thanks

Maybe hold the widget to reset it?
Also, is the Screen Icon available und the Menu Bar?
And does the iPad appear in it?

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