sidecar shortcut for markup on pdf files?

I don't know much about this stuff but I'd imagine there's a way to make a shortcut activate sidecar for ipad with a keyboard combo or trackpad gesture.

Can't be done from preview and would be nice to as well but I think that's a long shot.

It requires: from finder, go to the file, right click, quick actions, markup, then click on annotate on iOS device.

I'd like to do this in a simpler manner, any advice?

on @yuuiko's Aquatouch, you can press a button to sidecar. You can copy the button into your own preset, then add a shortcut to activate it.

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Any shortcut you want, with as action "toggle context menu item" does the job :ok_hand:t4: Only condition is that the nose is above the file.

But that's not for annotation on an iOS device, it's for activating sidecar