showing custom Touch Bar by a shortcut?

I've already created a custom TouchBar, and don't want to see it permanently. Is it possible to only show it whenever I, for example, hit the option key? Or to show it everywhere except for certain apps?

yes, you can define a keyboard shortcut in BTT and assign the predefined action "Toggle BetterTouchTool Touch Bar"

Hey, that seems to works, thanks.
But is there a way to just hit the additional key without hitting a normal key too?

You can define a modifier based visibility for all of your Touch Bar items:

If you additionally enable this option, it will then hide if no item matches the modifier condition:

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Thank you Andreas, that's what I was looking for.

I just noticed a bug or issue, where the customized Touch Bar will show up, whenever I start the floating HTML menu, or when I hit ⌘ tab, for the app switcher. Can I solve this on my own, or is it actually a bug?

well if you configure it to show when cmd is pressed it will always show when cmd is pressed. It should hide again if you release that key

No, I’m not. I’ve just tested out to press the option key, but then I went back to the regular Shortcut, and it appears by hitting ctrl + >.
I watched it, and the Touch Bar appears, whenever I switch apps or windows, and it doesn’t matter how.
For example, I’ve set up a three-finger tab for the floating HTML menu, and the Touch Bar appears when I do it. I think it’s because the floating menu has its own window, or because it’s part of BTT.

Maybe you have accidentally changed the Touch Bar configuration for some apps?

I've only set up two Touch Bars and the global Touch Bar is the only one where I changed the settings.

If you reset that back to default it should work (otherwise it will globally try to force show the BTT Touch Bar). You might also need to activate this option in case it is not enabled yet:

Ok, the option you mentioned was already activated, and I changed the options to that. And that seems to work.

Thanks again :+1: