Show notch bar only on screen with notch and nothing on other screens

Hi, I have 3 studio monitors connected to my laptop. Would it be possible to show notch bar only on my laptop while not showing anything (including standard menu bar) on other monitors? It seems that if I change macOS preferences to hide the menu bar, the notch bar stops working, while if I don't hide it, the notch bar works, but the menu is visible on external displays as well. I understand that notch bar "ccreencaptures" what's behind it, so it might not be possible :frowning:

it's complicated :wink: it does not necessarily need to screen capture, however when clicking on a menu item, it basically just lets the click go through to the original menubar. I think I can't make this work if all menubars are hidden, but I'll soon invest some time to look into this.

Thank you, no worries if it's not possible - looks like a super hard task to implement (at least from my perspective, but I don't know much of how it's implemented under the hood). The menu bar thing on macOS is basically broken. No possibility of just leaving it on one screen is very bad (until you disable separate spaces for different monitors, which is a no-solution, of course). Thanks again, Andreas!