Show / Hide BetterTouchTool Touch Bar

Currently BTT has an action to "Toggle BetterTouchTool Touch Bar".
I would like to use this in combination with a CAG to show the BTT Touch Bar (with Now Playing Widget) whenever starts playing. The problem is that the system sometimes gets out of sync and the BTT Touch Bar hides when I would like it to show, and shows when I would like it to hide.

For backwards compatibility, I would like to suggest having two additional checkbox options for the existing "Toggle BetterTouchTool Touch Bar": Only Hide and Only Show.

The current Show/Hide Specific Application action has similar options.

Hi Patrick,

There are already two actions "Show Touch bar" and "Hide Touch Bar", do they work for you?

You can also configure the Touch Bar behavior for a CAG:

This should then automatically unhide the Touch Bar when the CAG becomes active.

OK, I've removed my CAG Activated and CAG Deactivated triggers and have tried setting it up as a Touch Bar Behaviour for the CAG as in your screenshot.

The BTT Touch Bar (with Now Playing Widget) appears when I start playing music. But when I stop playing music, the BTT Touch Bar is still there. I would like it to return to the focussed app's default Touch Bar when music is paused so I don't first have to tap the "X" button.

Here is my setup:

Now it looks like you have configured the all apps section to also always show the BTT Touch Bar, right?

OK, I was being an idiot. I just had to drag the Now Playing Widget into the CAG and leave the actions empty for All Apps.

Apologies - long time BTT user, but first time I've had a Mac with a Touch Bar.

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