Show Desktop With Mouse Double Click

The new Mac OS Sonoma has a feature for "Click wallpaper to show desktop items". I've been trying to get to set up BTT to only have this trigger if I double click the wallpaper instead of single click.

I've only been able to get this to work with a mouse trigger(left click) with a modifier (such as shift) with an advanced condition such as setting the Hovered UI Element Viewer to be "hovering over the desktop." But I can't seem to figure out how to swap the modifier for a double click instead.

Does anyone know how to configure this?

Thank you!

The next version will allow to configure double, triple and quadruple clicks:

Alpha should be available tomorrow.

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I got this to work with these settings:

hey that worked! thank you!

I did change it to "hovered_element details" since I wanted to be able to click an empty space even if my window focus is on something else.

Appreciate it!