'Show Desktop' gesture

I'm trying to replicate the functionality of the built in 'Show Desktop' touch bar button in BTT. The built in one will show the actual active desktop, with all open apps pushed to the edges. The gesture I want to create would replicate that but the 'Show Desktop' option in BTT instead shows desktopS, with an emphasis on the plural - it currently acts like the three finger up swipe to show all desktops and that's not what I'm after. Am I missing something?

@Andreas_Hegenberg I m looking to do kind of the same stuff here.
Is there a way to show the different desktops from your mac?
I would like to see the screen itself :wink:


I'm not sure whether I understand.

There are two actions in BTT "Show Desktop" and "Mission Control" (Mission Control shows all your spaces)

Sorry, I will try to rewrite.

I was wondering if there is a way to display the preview of the spaces/desktops inside the touch bar?

Sorry, that's not possible at the moment ;-(

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