Show context menu runs all menu items when copied

Im trying to find a way to create a custom context menu that I can trigger from different places.

I setup a custom context menu triggered from the mouse with several menu items to launch apps. However I realised Id like it to be trigged from the trackpad also, so I converted it to a named trigger, however now when I execute it triggers all the menu items and I can see these additional actions that I cannot delete. I tried creating the a 'Show Custom Context Menu' and just pasting the items into the 'Configure Context Menu Items' editor which also causes the same issue.

Any ideas or is this a bug? Happy to just recreate the menu from scratch from the named triggers if thats the way to go, but just wondering if im missing something.


I just tried building a menu from the Named triggers group and it seems to work once I add more than one menu item, i think a not launching app item specifically...