Show App-Specific Touchbar on modidfier hold only


my scenario: I've configured a global touchbar with some volume and media keys which should appear in every app.

Now, if I am in a specific app, I would like to show a different touchbar layout, but only on hold of a modifier (similar feature like holding the fn-key to show the f-keys..)

So as a example: when I'm in Photoshop, I want to reveal some app-specific buttons, only when holding for example the control-button.

Is there any way to do it in BTT? I know I can configure separate touchbar-layouts for specific apps, but they're shown automatically on app-switch.

Would be very nice to get some help here!

sure, you can choose any modifier (combination) you want to display something when and where you want. It's not English, but you'll find it :slight_smile:

Mmh, even if I speak German, I can't find this option.. Where can I find it? :wink:

Hello again,

I've searched a lot, but can't find the option mentioned above from @Frank1