Shortcuts not working with Logitech G HUB

Hi people!

I'm having a problem with BTT and Logitech G HUB. My mouse is configured with a bunch of F shortcuts in the hub. F1, F2, F3, F4 for example. And then on BTT I'm setting the shortcuts, so, for example, F1 = CMD+[

The problem is that if I have the Hub open, the shortcuts don't work. If I go to BTT and click the button it shows up as the shortcut but it doesn't work when I used outside of it. If I close the Logitech G HUB it works. It looks like somehow the LG HUB is blocking BTT.

If anyone had any similar problem I'd love to hear from you!


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I seem to be having a similar issue. BTT will read all of the function keys and macros when I record the shortcuts, but it doesn't pick up any of the keys in general use. So, for my specific example, I've tried:

1.) Make the G1 (reprogrammable) key be F1 in G Hub.
2.) Set up a new keyboard shortcut in BTT to just show a HUD overlay.
3.) Record the shortcut for the HUD overlay by tapping G1: F1 appears in the recorded shortcut field.

4a.) Tap G1 to test: nothing happens.
4b.)Tap the actual F1 key to test: HUD appears.

If you check the option "Always use old keyboard shortcut implementation" (under Settings > Keyboard) then it works as you'd expect. But, as indicated under that option, some other specific shortcuts using modifiers may not work...