"Shortcuts Events.app" runs at BTT launch

I need some help in identify a problem with my Mac. The problem is that a window may randomly lose focus. It does not matter which app was active and what I was doing.

After some search, I found an answer at stackexchange post that could monitor app switches. I found out Shortcuts Events.app (located at /System/Applications/Shortcuts.app/Contents/Library/Helpers/Shortcuts Events.app) could randomly steal window focus. However, I still don't know why it happens and how to solve it.

This morning, as I was testing, I found out whenever BTT launches (no matter which preset I was using), Shortcuts Events.app will also run. So there is clearly a correlation between the two. Now I start to wonder if BTT does something in the background to cause Shortcuts Events.app to steal window focus.

@Andreas_Hegenberg, any ideas? Could it be a bug?

Next week Apple will release macOS 12.3, this will fix the issue. ( Release candidate is already available)

It was related to a bug in macOS 12 where the Shortcuts Events app was not started automatically. So when launching an app that interacted with Shortcuts (like BTT), the Shortcuts Events service was started and sometimes caused this. In macOS 12.3 the Shortcuts Events approach has been reworked completely and now doesn't cause issues anymore.

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That's great!
Thanks a lot!

Update (03/14/2022): I have upgraded to macOS 12.3 and can confirm that the issue with Shortcuts Events.app and BTT has been fixed!