Shortcut works with every possible key, except fn key

Why does the fn key works so bad and unreliable with shortcuts, that otherwise work with every other key i try on the keyboard?

In general the FN key works great with BTT's shortcut system (I use it all the time). However there are two restrictions:

• it will not work in "secure input mode". This means it will not work for password fields or when an app has activated secure input mode. (BTT will show a warning when clicking its menubar icon).
This is because macOS does not allow FN for shortcuts. BTT uses its own shortcuts system to make it at all possible to use FN.

• non-Apple keyboards. Fn is not really a defined modifier key. Many third party keyboards do not even report the FN key press to the system and instead only use it internally on the hardware to switch functions

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Okay, then maybe my problem is somewhat specific, as i am encountering the following:
I have a shortcut assigned to any key on my MBA Internal Keyboard (except the fn key), which executes a cmd + click hold, while the hotkey is being hold down. And I have another shortcut assigned to release the cmd + click, as soon as i release the same hotkey, so I have one for press +hold and one for the release. This works without a single problem.

But however, as soon as I assign these shortcuts to the fn key as the trigger, it gets messed up. The cmd +click seems to not being hold down in that scenario, or messed up in some other way, anyways it is not really usable.

Do you have any idea why?

It has nothing to do with secure input or a 3rd party keyboard.

Would be really grateful, if you could help me get this to work like with the other keys!

Modifier keys always need a second "normal" key to work as shortcut - unless you set this up as a key sequence, in that case it should work fine: