shortcut with just letter + trackpad touch blocking normal letter output

Hi, thanks for the nice tool.

Currently I am switching karabiner to bettertouchtool because karabiner is blocked by security.

There is one essential hotkey I used and maybe many others like to do it.
It is: when I touch on trackpad with one finger, and type H/J/K/L, it is gonna map to ←/↓/↑/→

This can be setup in bettertouchtool like this

But the thing is, when I have no finger touch on the trackpad, just Press h/j/k/l key, there is no output of those keys.

My request is, when the condition set to actions is not match, can bettertouchtool just output the keys I press instead treat them as a shortcut/action since the conditions are not match.

Adding this feature for sure increase the extensibility of bettertouchtool!
Please have a look on this, this is the only thing that stops me buying license!

it‘s not easy to do in a generic way, but you can already configure it yourself. Duplicate the trigger but contradict the condition. Then assign the shortcut/key you want it to output to that teigger.

If I may say this. It is unlikely that this will work satisfactorily. I think I've tried all the variants. The probability of triggering something unintentionally is considerable.

What works quite well in my experience, however, is to position the cursor in the top left-hand corner. This is easily done by moving the left thumb on the trackpad from the bottom to the top... and back.

But the good old modifier still works best. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for replaying so fast! I tried this approach, it is not working. Please see the screen shot. Maybe it is a bug?

  1. only the action with arrow_down key works
  2. the second one outputs J is not working, even the trigger conditions are opposit

from my experience, simply move left thumb and naturally lay down on the trackpad, then press J triggers down arrow is a very fast and easy way to do.

Sure, anything that works for you is good. So you use the thumb (not the finger). Actually, that's even more difficult. But you probably hold your hands differently than I do. :slightly_smiling_face:

But then I think you need this, no?

That works for me

Make sure to check this option (BTT can't automatically figure out that a trigger is recursive if conditions are added):

I only created one shortcut which map J to J if finger touch on trackpad is NOT 1. But it is not working even I check "Prevent recursive triggers". (it works if I mao J to M for testing)

Seems this "Prevent recursive triggers" is not working for me. Please have a look.

I am Just using thumb touch on the trackpad as a finger touch

I found out the reason, it is because I selected the keyboard settings:

After I unchecked it, it works!! Thank you.

Btw, I am trying to make the tab key behaviour like this:

  1. Press tab key down equals: cmd+alt+shift down
  2. tab key up equals: cmd+alt+shift up
    So it becomes a modifier key.

But based on that I want to do like this:
quick tap tab key, down and up and it acts like a original tab key. How can I do that? so far I dont find the way to do it