Shortcut to right-click context menu's option?

I was trying to created a shortcut to "Show Package Contents" when I right click an item, but it's not working. I added the "Trigger Context Menu Item" action, then the command path was Show Package Contents, but it's not working.

Any help?

@iamdannywyatt have you tried a custom shortcut?



I'm not sure what you mean by "custom shortcut"...?
If you mean adding the shortcut to System Preferences> Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts, I didn't, because my goal is to actually have all my shortcuts inside Better Touch Tool so in the event of formatting my computer or something, I don't have to create them again.

Also in your example, it seems that there's a lot of clicks involved, which I'm actually trying to avoid. I mean, I can right-click and choose Show Package Content (2 clicks - more than that, seems counter productive). Now if I can just have a shortcut inside BTT, even better :slight_smile:

I just don't understand why it isn't working inside BTT. Am I setting it up the wrong way?
I have another shortcut using the same method, for the right-click as well, and it works.

Screen Shot 2022-01-30 at 7.49.06 PM

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@iamdannywyatt please excuse the misunderstanding. I work with Keyboard Maestro and the palettes there. So, I save 95% of shortcuts. I use the BTT actions there as AppleScript. That's how it looks like with me:

Your shown shortcut, does not work for me either. Only the following shortcut:


has worked.


Ok, now I'm more confused... hahaha
You used the exact same shortcut as I did:

Am I missing something here...? :thinking:

I just noticed that no shortcuts works at all.
I have a shortcut for another option on the context menu that works.
Show Package Contents, doesn't seem to work.

But for example if I do it via System Preferences > Keyboard, etc, I can make it work...