Shortcut to click, hold and drag?

I've actually had BTT on my laptops for a long time now but have made very little use. In the past I swore I could've done this but now I can't figure it out. You know how when you want to copy a long chunk of text, maybe from an article and you click on the mouse (or trackpad in my case), hold the click and scroll? I want to be able to have a trackpad trigger, like maybe a two finger double tap, and then have that initiate a mouse or trackpad click and hold and then I can just drag with my fingers without having to also maintain the press while dragging.

Is there a way to do that?

How do you want to trigger / stop the drag?

One option is to set a shortcut like this:

Where you use the start drag / stop drag actions and assign one of them on key down and one of them on key up

Thanks Andreas, I tested by making the start trigger single finger click in top left, and stop drag single finger click top right. Seems to work great!