Shortcut including *TAB*


I'm trying to remap an existing Lightroom shortcut (ctrl + tab) to a single key ( t ) but tab doesn't appear to be recognised by BTT.

Any ideas?

  • Rob

Mh seems to work fine here:

Possibly try upgrading to the latest alpha version.

Cheers, Andreas.

The shortcut registers for me, as you have shown, but it doesn't actually work when trying to use it. Did you try to use it after creating?

  • Rob

Yes, but maybe I misunderstood.
Do you want tab to trigger ctrl+tab?
Or do you want the key "t" t o trigger ctrl+tab?

Hi Andreas,

I want the key "t" to trigger the action ctrl+tab.

  • Rob

In that case it should look like this:

(on the left, just T, on the right ctrl+tab). Does this match your setup?

Hi Andreas,

Yes, it looks exactly like this. Nothing happens in my application when I then proceed to use the newly configured shortcut "t".

  • Rob

Could you check "Show HUD when triggered" and add some text? This will show whether the shortcut is recognized at all.

Maybe lightroom expects some special ctrl+tab press duration or similar?

Hehe, Aye, I thought exactly the same thing. Already done that (nice feature too!). Still no joy though. I can see the HUD display.

I have have quite a complex set of commands in Lr, many nested commands etc, and all work perfectly. It's just this tab issue I can't seem to get around.

Can that feature be triggered using a menubar item? Then you can just trigger it using the predefined action "Trigger Menubar Menu Item"

Good idea, but unfortunately not. I see, however, that "t" was actually mapped to something per default (spotted just now looking for the menu item) which is not triggered once the BTT command is setup. This confirms that BTT overrides the existing short-cut, but for some reason doesn't accept our tab key.