Shortcut for Single Click on Trackpad


For Apple Trackpad, I currently have it so that a tap functions as a click. I'd like to then have a click be equivalent to cmd+click when browsing, i.e. opening up a link in a new tab. So if I tap a link it opens in current tab, but if I click a link it opens in new tab.

I can't figure out how to set this up in BTT. In Touchpad Gestures, it only supports single finger clicks as the trigger if it's a section of the trackpad, i.e. One Finger Tap Top Left Is there a way to have the trigger be One Finger Tap, or should I just set up one for each section of the trackpad?


Not sure it I got your point. Do you want one click, or one finger?

Anyway, I use chrome and Vivaldi. With a 2 finger click = cmd + shift + click I open up a link in a new tab. This is one click with two fingers. Does this help you?