Shortcut for Opening Two Apps Simultaneously on Different Monitors in BTT?

Hello everyone,

Is it possible to use a shortcut in BTT to open two apps simultaneously, where one app opens on my left monitor and the other app on my right monitor? How can I set this up?

I've been using BTT for a while now, but I haven't figured out how to open multiple apps on different monitors at the same time.

I see two ways this can be done.

(1) The shortcut opens one app when the keys are pressed and the second app when the keys are released.

(2) The shortcut opens both apps with two actions.

In both cases it still needs the action Move window to second screen and maybe a delay here and there.

Thanks Frank!
I used option 2 and it works

Well, I thought I had this, but I don't.

The part of "Next monitor" is confusing me.
For example: If I open Digikam with spotlight: sometimes Digikam opens on my main monitor and sometimes it opens on my second monitor, I can't count on that, meaning I can't use the "Next monitor", next to what? I don't know on what Monitor Digikam opens now at this moment.

So what I like to accomplish is to create a shortcut that opens Digikam on my main monitor, and I want to open a specific website on my second monitor.

I noticed in the new updated version of BTT there is this Floating menu's, when you go there and create a menu, you see in the settings under Position on screen >> At the: ... you can choose your active screens.
Screen Shot 2023-07-03 at 20.48.03 PM

This is exactly what I need.
But I can't see this function anywhere else.

What am I missing here?