[Sharing] MacUsage preset shows Network Speed and CPU usage (so far)

Github repo: https://github.com/noonchen/BTT_MacUsage

This preset displays network and CPU usage of EACH process on the Touch Bar.



Show top processes that use most download or upload bandwidth in the descending order, The button on the left is for switching between Download and Upload mode.

There are 3 different display styles:

Text mode

Most efficient style that shows top 10 process and updates all results in a single block (button), but there's no icon for each process.

Text mode with icon

Every process needs one block (button) to display icons, because of limited number of script runner in BTT, the data may not update at the same time if showing too much processes.

Rich mode

Looks more compact, but requires two buttons for each process (one for icon/name, another for the formatted text), showing too much process in this style will see siginificant update lag.


Show top processes that use most CPU resources in the descending order. There are two mode, one is showing the CPU usage of every process, another is showing the total usage of parent process AND its child processes (for example, Google Chrome Helper is one of the child processes of Google Chrome), the button on the left is used for mode-switching.

Text mode

Text mode with icon

Rich mode

Note: In Text mode with icon or Rich mode, long press the button for each process can activate a window to kill the process:


  • (For macOS Mojave and below only) Install python3 over homebrew or official website.

  • Download MacUsage.bttpresetzip and double click to import into BTT.

  • Choose the display mode by enabling the corresponding buttons (and disable others) in Net Statistic or CPU Statistic Group.

  • That's all


Q: How to show more processes in the text with icon or rich mode?

A: Copy the existing button(s) and change the value of index to the number you'd like to show (coerce to the last process if the index is out of range).

Q: Can you add a group for Memory?

A: I'd like to but I do not know how to calculate the memory value shown in Activity Monitor.app; top is not in the consideration because of low update rate, ps only shows memory percent and rss. Please inform me if you have any ideas.


MacUsage.bttpresetzip (321.3 KB)

For any issues/suggestions, please leave it in the comments or post an issue on Github.
If you like this preset, support me by: paypal.me/noonchen


Not sure if you're still active here, but I just found this post. Any way to just have a basic network speed up/down widget from this?

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