Shake mouse pointer to locate

Hallo Andreas,
would it be possible to use the "Shake mouse pointer to locate" as a trigger in BTT to open a Floating menu for example ?

"Shake mouse pointer to locate" is an option in Systems settings/Accessibility/Display/..
Turn this option on to make the pointer larger when you quickly move your finger on the trackpad or quickly move the mouse.


Unfortunately there is no notification for this. I could implement it myself but usually I stay away from continuously monitoring mouse move events due to the possible performance impact.

However maybe with current Apple Silicon machines this is not an issue anymore. I'll have a look

Ok, understood...

This thread brings up a suggestion: How about an action which highlights the mouse cursor? Sometimes mine gets lost among the 50 windows piled onto my two monitors, and even the "shake to locate" feature doesn't work well enough. I think I need a big, flashing, rainbow-colored circle around my mouse cursor to find it :-).

the predefined action „toggle cursor size“ can help with that :wink:

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Thanks, Andreas. I ended up setting it to 1000%, waiting 2 seconds, then setting back to 100%.

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I am again impressed what is possible with BTT, :metal:

even "flashing" the cursor...set some different sizes and delays...

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for color animation the floating menu is your friend...:thinking:

Hehe nice idea !