SF Symbols support for button icon

Would it be possible to add SF Symbols support for button icons on the touch-bar? So, instead of having to have the actual icon and to drag it, simply specify the name (e.g. : calendar.fill)
It would be simpler, and have a proper MacOs feel to it.

SFSymbols is only available/integrated on iOS so far. It probably could be hacked to export the images as files and then use them, but the license agreement for SFSymbols forbids that.

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With the release of SF Symbols 2 at WWDC 2020, I wanted to bump this topic. I would absolutely love to see SF Symbols integration, it could replace a lot of my icons which will soon look out of date with Big Sur as Apple moves to SF Symbols for all of its apps.

Yep, on macOS Big Sur I'll definitely add support for SF Symbols! However I haven't checked whether they also release them for older macOS versions.

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The latest BTT alpha (currently uploading) does add support for SF Symbols 2.x (due to the SF Symbols licensing you need to manually enter the icon name you got via the SF Symbols app so it's a bit clunky)

Sliders do not yet support SF Symbols, I'll add that soon.

Does that mean it will not be possible to import the property "BTTTouchBarItemSFSymbolDefaultIcon" when copy past a trigger or import presets? Because when I copy a trigger that uses an SF symbol and eventually past it, it will not include the SF symbol property.