Setting up multiple browsers

I have been trying to set up multiple browsers, but with no luck, hope you can help me a bit :slight_smile:
What I am trying to achieve is:
When clicking with one finger - opening link/url in Safari (which is my default browser)
When clicking with 3 fingers - opening link/url with Firefox.

What I managed to achieve right now is opening only selected text in Firefox using 3 fingers, but it doesn't seem to fit my needs, and opening only one link ( when using 3 fingers :confused:

Would be gratefull if you can help me, or point to any good tutorial.
Best regards,

From where do you want to open the links? Other apps like Mail?

To be honest, I would like to use it from everywhere, like mail, Skype, slack, other browser.
What I am trying to do is separate browsers: Safari for private stuff, and Firefox to work related.
No matter which link I click it opens in different browser depending on combination of fingers on touchpad

BTT can do it for pretty much all apps, but not for browsers - they always open links in themselves (there are browser extensions to workaround this).

If that would still be interesting for you, have a look here (it's a bit complicated to setup and you need to set BTT as your default browser):
BTT as Default Browser / URL Based Triggers ยท GitBook (

Whenever I follow those steps it seems to be redirecting me to the same link:
In slack conversation I have 2 links for example: and
I have wildcard set to ://
When I clock first link it opens properly in desired browser. When I click second slack link it opens in desired browser, but it still opens first link, instead of desired one

Could you posts some screenshots of the config?

Here is named trigger part: obraz โ€” Postimages
Here is trackpad part: obraz โ€” Postimages
Also tried this case with same result: obraz โ€” Postimages

Ah sorry, it's more complicated than that for your use case and requires some scripting.
I can try to provide an example this evening!

Basically the three finger click would need to trigger a script in BTT which set's some variable and then clicks the link. The link is then intercepted by BTT, and in response to that it needs to run a script again and check whether the variable has been set by the three finger click - and if so open with Firefox.

Ok, would be gratefull for any help :slight_smile: Will try to do it on my own, but if you manage to help me with any kind of example it would be amazing

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