Setting up a shortcut to move files to folder

Hi there, I would like to set up a shortcut for when i'm in the finder, to select one or multiple files and, after pressing the key combination, it automatically moves them into a predetermined folder. I figured out i could just simply use the "mv" terminal command but i don't know how to get dynamically the original path of the file(s) i selected.
I hope someone will be kind to reply to this stupid question, or maybe if you have a walkaround to do the same thing, it's highly apprecciated :smiley:

Try AppleScript:

set unixPath to missing value -- or set to your folder e.g  "/Users/YourUsername/Desktop/YourFolder/"

tell application "Finder" to set theObjects to selection

if (count of theObjects) is 0 then
end if

if unixPath is missing value then
	set targetFolder to choose folder with prompt "Choose destination for selected items"
	set targetFolder to POSIX file unixPath
end if

repeat with i in theObjects
	tell application "Finder" to move i to targetFolder
end repeat

tell application "Finder" to reveal targetFolder

Thanks man. Works smoothly!