Setting custom padding with BetterSnapTool

Is there any way to set padding universally? I would like to use ubar, which lives at the bottom, but BST doesn't respect it as a boundary like the dock.

Thank you in advance


+1 this, would be amazing if there was a separate "bottom padding" setting for window snapping.


+1, I've been using BetterSnapTool for years (I come from Windows), and I discovered uBar almost a year ago (I clearly prefer some of the Windows UX), but unfortunately the two apps don't play nice. BetterSnapTool is great, and it has the padding, but if we could just set it strictly on the bottom instead of on all sides, that would be amazing here.

Right now I have to hide uBar constantly, or manually resize my windows

I've been trying to get this seemingly simple feature for years, requesting it through different channels, including direct emails to the developer. At this point, I'd probably just give up and find another solution. I've never even gotten a response.

Mhh BST/BTT do have ubar detection, but maybe something changed with how uBar works over the years. I will add some hidden setting to add a bottom margin.

In general this would also be a valid use case for custom snap areas where you can define your margins / paddings etc.

Is there already a timeline to have that bottom margin feature available? I run into the same issue with the new uBar 4 version on the latest MacOS version. Just bought a new license to update BTT because I was hoping that it already includes that option.

I would also like the ability to define margins for BetterSnapTool and for actions like "Maximize Window to Bottom Half".

Yeah preferable on a per screen setup base. Any news @Andreas_Hegenberg?

I have been searching for a resolution to this problem forever. I finally just downloaded as many of these window managers as I could, and found Divvy did the trick. Switched over to that and paid the license. You can visually modify the bottom margin to be just above our uBar. So far so good. Works on both my external monitors, including an ultra-wide.


@FizzaFarian Cool I give it a try. I am actually not happy with ubar overall. It seem to have a lot of issues and was wondering if you tried any of the other taskbar replacements?

There's also ActiveDock, but frankly both seem to be pretty buggy as of late.

BetterTouchTool, etc, is great, but I've been asking for this issue for years (by email even before this post was made) and it's never materialized. For better or worse, it doesn't seem like it's a priority and at this point, likely won't be added.

I know you can manually create custom snap areas, but it's an extremely cumbersome solution when a simple bottom margin could be added that would set boundaries for all areas.

A bottom margin is easy, but would it apply to all monitors or only the main monitor?
Having different configs for different screens increases the complexity quite a bit.

I once had auto uBar detection in BTT, but at some point something in uBar changed. I still think the best solution would be auto-detection of these apps, I'll need to check whether I can make that work again...

I would need it primary on my primary display as I have ubar only running on a single display (when I plugin my laptop into multiple displays). Obviously the auto detection would be the best but if I can just pick for each Monitor (maybe based on unique monitor signature) the bottom padding would be already more then enough.