Setting custom padding with BetterSnapTool

Is there any way to set padding universally? I would like to use ubar, which lives at the bottom, but BST doesn't respect it as a boundary like the dock.

Thank you in advance

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+1 this, would be amazing if there was a separate "bottom padding" setting for window snapping.

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+1, I've been using BetterSnapTool for years (I come from Windows), and I discovered uBar almost a year ago (I clearly prefer some of the Windows UX), but unfortunately the two apps don't play nice. BetterSnapTool is great, and it has the padding, but if we could just set it strictly on the bottom instead of on all sides, that would be amazing here.

Right now I have to hide uBar constantly, or manually resize my windows

I've been trying to get this seemingly simple feature for years, requesting it through different channels, including direct emails to the developer. At this point, I'd probably just give up and find another solution. I've never even gotten a response.

Mhh BST/BTT do have ubar detection, but maybe something changed with how uBar works over the years. I will add some hidden setting to add a bottom margin.

In general this would also be a valid use case for custom snap areas where you can define your margins / paddings etc.