Setapp - Outdated BTT version

Hi all,

I've recently migrated from the latest BTT v2.74xx to the setapp version v2.71xx which is the latest out there according to setapp. I was trying to migrate my AquaTouch preset and then saw that it supports minimum v2.72xx so the Touch Bar was pretty messed up. Anyone knows why setapp is featuring an old version of BTT? I've tried contacting them but haven't heard back yet and though I should ask here.


the newer versions are still classified as alpha/beta - as setapp doesn't have a beta channel, these versions are not available there.

However the next stable release is planned this week, so it won't be too long until the new version is in setapp.

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Sorry Andreas, didn't know that, I'm still new to the community :stuck_out_tongue: Cheers for the quick reply

Hi Andreas,

Sorry to bring this up again, it's been about a month and the Setapp version is not updated yet, any progress on this?


lots of progress, but I have decided to postpone the release to next week because getting it translated to german, Japanese and Chinese took a bit longer than planned (most likely the release will be on Monday)