setapp license vs regular

My regular BTT license is expiring but I have setapp. I tried downloading from Setapp but it ruined everything. Can you provide me a license that works with my existing version so I don't have to switch please??

sorry that’s not possible. (unless you purchase a license via

What do you mean by ruined everything? There shouldn’t be any special issues with the setapp version

my settings got messed up & I had to restore a time machine backup & uninstall the setapp version to revert. The setapp version doesn't seem to work the same & the updates arent as frequent. Does the setapp have alpha version access?

Also, the versions are different. It's not the same in Setapp? Are we able to get the betas?

@Andreas_Hegenberg please let me know if we're able to get betas & such. I'm having difficulty transitioning my settings over to the setapp version. It doesn't function the same.

setapp has recently introduced an alpha channel, I’ll make use of that for future versions.