set scrolling area for Magic Mouse

Love scrolling with Apple Magic Mouse, but really annoying that when you click, the scrolling happens also – since if the clicking finger is moving even just a bit, you'll get a scrolling action on your screen. And in different apps that can be a real head ache.

Before BTT I used to use app called Magic Prefs, but they stopped developing it. It had a feature to reduce the area given over to scrolling, you could map the surface of the MM and set what area the scrolling is on. What I did was I narrowed the scrolling surface so that my first finger is outside of the area. Then I had no scrolling when clicking.

Please add MM touch surface mapping to BTT.

I did notice that there is "Ignore Areas" tool, but you can ignore only tapping. Please add One Finger Scrolling also!

That I need too!
But i'm sure that this was possible in BTT in earlier versions. I used it with my MM for a while until i switched to the trackpad of my book, and it was possible to set a scrolling ignore area.