Set key and screen brightness, volume levels to specific value

Hi! There currently is a way to set the values of key brightness / screen brightness or volume levels, set up or step down. But there's no way to set those values to specific value - so for example my volume level is at 40/64 and I'd like to set it to 64 then I'd have to run the action volume up 24 times, which seem a little wrong.

I'm talking about scripting and reusing those actions - this applies to all actions mentioned above - key illumination, screen brightnes and volume level. Did I miss something and this is currently possible? If not, perhaps that's a case that you could consider, too :slight_smile:

Once again thanks for the great app

Currently these actions really just send the brightness key commands to the system thus it's not possible to set a specific value. It should be easy to add such actions though.

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I understand. If you decide to add them, then please let me know :slight_smile: Many thanks!

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